Monaghan Roots

William Cash (1807-1880)

My ancestor, William Cash (1807-1880), was born in or near Frankford (now Kilcormac), Ballyboy parish, in 1807. At the age of 20 he joined the 75th Regiment of Foot (originally a Scottish Highland infantry regiment), which was stationed at the time in nearby Birr. He served in the 75th Foot from 1827 to 1848. He spent 13 years at the Cape of Good Hope during the 1830s and early 1840s, and he received the 1853 South Africa Medal along with the rest of his regiment. In his last few years of service, he performed guard duty at Pendennis Castle, near Falmouth, England. Upon retiring, he received a pension of one shilling per day. In February 1850 he moved from Dublin to Co. Monaghan. He soon married Catherine McConnon (about 1821-1894), whose family was living in Togan (a townland), Threemilehouse, Co. Monaghan. There they raised their family on a piece of a land that was about 5 acres, just down the lane from the McConnons. Descendants of this family live in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, the United States, and no doubt in other countries. In the 20th century some members of this Cash family immigrated to Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The known children of William Cash and Catherine McConnon were:

McConnon family in Co. Monaghan

This branch of the McConnon family was living in the townland of Togan, in the Threemilehouse, Co. Monaghan area by the 1700s. The McConnons are thought to have come from the Lisdoonan area near Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.

Francis McConnon was born before 1746 in Togan, Drumsnat, Co. Monaghan, and died about 1810 there. (This Francis may be the son of the Thomas McConnin who is buried in Drumsnat cemetery and whose gravestone gives his death date as March 10, 1781 and his age at death as 78.) Francis and his unknown wife had two sons that are known: Thomas McConnon (about 1778-about 1850) and John McConnon (about 1790-died July 31, 1865).

Known children of Thomas McConnon (about 1778-about 1850) are:

Known children of John McConnon (about 1790-died July 31, 1865) and Catherine McMahon are:

Note: There is a DVD called A Heritage Trail of Kilmore & Drumsnat, which is about the Monaghan parish in which Threemilehouse and Togan are located. Also see Father Gerard McGreevy's Togan: a Townland and a Family (Castle Printing, 2009).

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